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Optical Frame Mould Of Adult

Optical Frame Mould Of Adult

Short Description:

Item Number:Glasses  Mould
Material:P20/718H/S316 steel
Delivery time(include design) :15-25 days
Conventional packing :Wood Caton
Payment Terms :T/T 50% deposit ,50% balance before shipment

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Item Number Glasses  Mould
Material P20/718H/S316 steel
MOQ 1pcs
Delivery time(include design) 15-25 days
Conventional packing Wood Caton
Payment Terms T/T 50% deposit ,50% balance before shipment

1.Received samples

optical frame samples-02
optical frame samples-03

2.Communicate and determine design

Communicate and determine design

3.Check and confirm the design(5-7days)


4.Production workshop

work shop

5.Production time


6.Check the injection Sampls

injection samples-08
injection samples-07

7.Packing the Mould


Spectacle frames are an important part of glasses, which mainly play the role of supporting the glasses, and the glasses frames with beautiful appearance can also play a beautiful role. The materials are mainly metal, plastic or resin, natural materials, etc. According to the style, it can be divided into full frame, half frame, no frame and other types. A pair of spectacle frames is usually composed of main parts such as mirror ring, nose pad, pile head and mirror foot. 1. Mirror ring (frame): The assembly position of the lens, use metal wires, nylon wires and screws to fix the lenses by means of grooves or drill holes, which affects the cutting of the lenses and the shape of the glasses. 2. Nose bridge: Connect the left and right mirror circles or directly connect with the lens fixedly. The bridge of the nose is either placed directly on the nose or supported by the stipules on the nose. 3. Nose pads: including stipules, stipules box and stipules. The stipules are in direct contact with the nose and play the role of supporting and stabilizing the frame. Some cast-molded plastic frames are available without the stipule stem and the stipule box, and the stipules attached to the mirror ring. 4. Pile head: The connection between the mirror ring and the mirror foot is generally curved. 5. Mirror feet: The hook is placed on the ear, which can be moved and connected with the pile head, which plays the role of fixing the mirror ring. 6. Hinges: A joint connecting the pile head and the mirror foot. 7. Locking block: Tighten the screws to fasten the locking blocks on both sides of the opening of the mirror ring, so as to fix the function of the lens.


1.How do you send samples to us?

You can send the sample to us by international express of FEDEX or DHL,UPS TNT.

You can also provide pictures of clear samples to us. We will try to find them (if we can find them).

2. How about the quality?

We will help you check the quality of the injectio sample, if necessary, we will send the injection sample to you for inspection

3. What is the Delivery Time?

Normally delivery time :15-25days.
If you want fast,please check with us.

4. Can I trust you?

Absolutely YES. Wenzhou Centar Optics Co., LTD. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of eyewear. We have been in this field for more than 20 years.Has been the customer's praise and affirmation.

5. What is the payment terms?

T/T,Western Union.

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