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Which is better, contact lenses or regular glasses?

Regarding contact lenses and frame glasses, which is more suitable for daily brushing?

From a comfort standpoint:
The wearing method of contact lenses can easily cause ** to the conjunctiva and cornea of ​​the eyes. Because of its design, it is attached to the surface of our eyeballs. For the human body structure, the curvature of each person’s eyeball is different. At this time, our eyeball itself will reject the external invisible glasses. Wearing comfort can be imagined.

Frame glasses will not have these troubles, especially frame glasses with nose pads, which are not only comfortable to wear, but also can adjust the distance between the eyes to further increase the comfort of the eyes. If you wear two kinds of glasses for a long time, you will feel the frame glasses better. do not trust me!

From an aesthetic point of view:
Many people think that contact lenses make their entire face more beautiful and make it easier to communicate with others through their eyes. In particular, some girls can make their eyes look bigger and more beautiful with the help of various colors of makeup contact lenses, and they can also wear beautiful sunglasses by wearing contact lenses.

However, in fact, the spectacle frame is not only a tool used to correct vision, but also used as a decoration. Different occasions and different clothes should use different frames and glasses to reflect the different temperament of people. Frames are an indispensable magic weapon for women. For example, she doesn’t want to wear makeup when she is resting, and wearing a pair of big black glasses can make people ignore a few flaws on her face.

From a convenience standpoint:
Frame glasses have no direct contact with the eyeball, and are more hygienic and safer than contact lenses, and the wearing time is not limited; the use of contact lenses requires more attention to hygiene and needs to be disinfected every day. Do not wear it while sleeping, and wear it for no more than 8 hours.

From a health perspective:
For some sensitive people, the wettability of the eyes is low, and the contact lenses equivalent to “foreign bodies” can cause serious damage to the conjunctiva! Also, as one of the most important organs of the human body, the environment the eyes need must be absolutely clean, so pollution is a major disadvantage of invisibility.

A lot of news revealed that the contact lens materials produced by many irregular manufacturers are of poor quality, especially the so-called “beauty contact lenses”, which have hidden dangers in dyeing and hygiene, and can cause unimaginable damage to the eyes! There is also because contact lenses are directly attached to the eyeballs, and many people don’t want to take them off after wearing them. Over time, the cornea wears down.

Experiments have shown that the bacteria on contact lenses multiply at an alarming rate. When we wear it for too long, or we do not carry out strict cleaning and disinfection before wearing, a surprising amount of bacteria will enter our eyes with the lens. Over time, the damage to our eyes can be imagined.

Post time: Oct-19-2022